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Mesiro - Instant Entertainment

We are in the midst of a media revolution where everything is being digitized from your photos, cam recordings, movies, music, TV shows, etc.  Even the way you communicate and stay in touch with friends and family (i.e. Facebook, instant messaging etc.) is changing.

At Mesiro we want to give you instant access to your entire digital entertainment content with the click of a button.  The Merium Home Entertainment PC and other exciting Mesiro products to come will allow you to enjoy all your content, wherever you are.  All of our products will work seamlessly together, doing away with the usual hassle and frustration we consumers often experience when there is more than one product involved.

We are on a mission to give you full control of your digital entertainment content,  regardless of where you may be at any given point.

Scandinavian Design

We strive to offer modern design at its very best; simple, functional and universally appealing.  We were inspired by the minimalistic design traditions for which the Scandinavia and the Nordic countries are famous.  Mesiro strives to allow the consumer to personalize their products by choosing the look and feel of their final products.


Mesiro is a company that cares about the environment.  We acknowledge that we live in troubled times when it comes to climate, and would like to do our part in reducing the damage. Our aim is to always use recycled and recyclable material in our products.  The Merium covers are made of fully recyclable plastic.  The packaging is made from 90% recycled materials, and fully recyclable cardboard.

» Designed with environment in focus