What`s the Merium?



The Merium is, technically speaking, a PC. However, it is designed especially with the enjoyment of multimedia in mind.

The Merium is an innovative, sleek-designed product that helps you store, secure and enjoy all of your digital valuables, such as your pictures, music, cam-recordings and other precious data.  It also provides Internet connectivity to your living-room.  By introducing services such as YouTube and Facebook into your living room, friends and family can enjoy the web and other traditional PC entertainment together.

Since the Mesiro Merium is based on Microsoft and Intel platforms, it offers plug-and-play connectivity with other digital devices a family already owns today.  It is developed to help everyone enjoy and experience digital media according to their individual needs.



People’s idea of what their digital home should look like is about to change radically.  Large consumer groups now demand that home entertainment products must represent innovative design in order to even be considered for purchase.  This demand is clearly addressed by the new Merium, because what truly makes the new Mesiro Merium a piece of art is its unique Scandinavian design and the fact that you can change its appearance to match the rest of your home.  By just changing the front covers you have a personalized piece of art.

Browse the Internet on Your Flat Screen TV

Read the news, search for your next vacation, enjoy sites such
as YouTube, Facebook, etc.- all from the comfort of your sofa.

Watch Web TV

Watch updated news programs and TV shows at your convenience from any of your standard broadcasters.  Watch live sports events from national and International service providers:  free, pay-per-view or subscription.

Watch Movies On-Demand

Watch movies on-demand by streaming from national and
International service providers:  free, pay-per-view or subscription. No more going to the DVD store.

Enjoy All Your Music, Photos and Vidoes

Store and enjoy your digital music collection (mp3, iTunes
etc). Store and enjoy your valuable digital photos on your
flat screen TV, one-by-one or as slideshow. Watch DVD’s.

Chat and Play Games Online

Stay connected with your friends and family.


Alternative keyboard »  

Mesiro Merium Multimedia Keyboard

With the ultra slim multimedia keyboard you can access “all” functions by pressing the hotkey function buttons.  With an integrated mouse, it is easy to navigate from the comfort of your couch.

Mesiro Merium Mulitmedia Remote

Through the Windows Media Center, the multimedia remote lets you
easily navigate through your favorite
movies, pictures and music . 







Place Vertically or Horizontally

Place it the way that suits your home the best.

Personalize With Interchangeable Covers

Black and white covers are included in the retail box.
Different designs can be purchased separately.  You
can even design your own.

Very Quiet

Place it in your living room without being disturbed.  It has an extremely low fan noise.

Small Form Factor

This makes your TV look bigger.

All Standard PC Functions

Enjoy all the standard PC functions on your Merium.