The Merium Home Entertainment PC

Ever wanted to combine media entertainment, a safe place for your valuable digital content and a great looking piece of furniture?  The Mesiro Merium has found a way to address all of these things.  Mesiro is an innovative provider of digital media solutions with outstanding Scandinavian design, and is now launching the Mesiro Merium.
The Mesiro Merium meets consumer needs for a digital all-in-one solution that offers a user-friendly way to enjoy and experience media at home.  This innovative home entertainment PC enables you to take full advantage of the Internet in your living room, as well as allowing you to enjoy your music, photos or camera recordings on your flat screen TV. The Merium is always ready to display entertaining media, just one click away. 


Digital content is becoming increasingly important, and we now see the content providers targeting online distribution.  Reading the news, searching for your next vacation, and enjoying sites such as YouTube and Facebook can now be done from the comfort of your sofa.  At the time you chose, you can watch updated news programs, TV shows, and sports events from any of your standard broadcasters. In addition, you can stream or download movies on-demand from national and international service providers:  free, pay per view or subscription.  No more going to the DVD store – check our Mesiro TV for more info.
Two different front covers, one in black and one in white, are included with your purchase of the Merium.  Other covers with various designs and colors made from different materials will be sold separately.  To fit easily into your home, The Merium can be placed as a vertical tower or lying down horizontally.  Your digital content inside can be displayed on your TV, a projector or a normal PC monitor.  Your choice!